Letter to the Editor: Live with tolerance toward others

To the Editor:

The nights of September 15 and September 16 Democratic campaign signs were stolen from five houses in Postville. Some of these signs have been found in the storm sewers of Postville. For obvious reasons these signs had to be removed. In the following days, a group of people were yelling political slogans at people who had signs stolen.

The times we are living in are very unfortunate, where respect has been lost and where insulting and assaulting is well regarded. We remember that throughout the years, Republicans and Democrats, although we have very different ideas, we have been able to live with a respectful relationship. The facts do not only refer to the stolen signs, but to the abyss that some Republicans have taken their party, before the health of the American people; being first Republicans and then American citizens. Some Republicans have expressed disagreement with their party’s decisions and are ashamed of what their party has become.

We make a call for respect. We will always be different but we need to try to live with tolerance towards others.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob & Blanca Schroeder


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