Lansing City Council imposes nuisance violation regarding fence on South Front Street

by Alexis Johnson

The regular meeting of the Lansing City Council was held Monday, November 16. Discussion centered around the Askelson/Peters complaint, consent agenda, citizen concern, Parks report, Police report and Clerk’s report.

The Askelson/Peters complaint consisted of considering council action on legal claims made by property owner Les Askelson against the City regarding 691 South Front Street and 661 South Front Street. The council entered into closed session pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 21.5(l)(c) to discuss strategy with counsel in matters that are presently in litigation. The closed session took place from 7:04-8:35 p.m. Upon entering the open session, the council decided to impose the nuisance violation regarding a fence at 661 South Front Street, requiring removal of six fence panels.

The council reviewed and considered run-off issues at 331 Platt Street. Letters will be sent out to residents involved and decisions will be made at a later date.

An ad will be placed in the newspaper for summer recreation positions in December. Cameras have been placed throughout Main Street so that surveillance will be available at all times.

The Clerk’s report discussed TIF reduction of indebtedness for Urban Renewal Area, annual Urban report for fiscal year 2020 and insurance renewal. The report was approved.

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