Letter to the Editor: The Waukon football team is doing great

To the Editor:

It’s been quite some time since I wrote a letter to the newspaper. At 94 years old, I don’t write very well. It’s difficult to hold the pen, so here it goes.

I had the privilege of attending the Waukon semifinals football game at the UNI-Dome and it was exciting. Friday, November 20, I watched the game live on tv and I watched other reruns and would watch it again. What a great group of players on both sides. If a player was on the ground, both teams offered a hand in helping them up - great spirit.

I know that most of our players are Christian, and maybe all. I’m sure they know that their great playing ability and talent is given by God but they have to put it to work. They know that Sunday morning belongs to God and their church and that attending church regularly is a must. If they attend church and encourage others to attend, the rest of their lives will be very successful.

Go Indians! Our community is very happy and proud of our football team, Coach Chad Beermann and staff.

Kindest regards
and God bless,
Osmund (Ozzie) Quandahl