Letter to the Editor: Suggesting everyone do their research regarding COVID-19 vaccine

To the Editor:

It has been rightly said that this COVID-19 “plandemic” is the Trojan horse being used as an excuse to put in place an extensive and long-formulated scheme to overtake our constitutional republic. America is the last bastion of freedom (what’s left of it) in the world, and if America falls, the world falls. The virus is real, and many have gotten sick, and many have even died, as with any flu.

But the response to this nasty flu does not match reality; the mortality rate is less than one percent, and the younger you are, that rate drops dramatically.  This plandemic has been exploited, and the narrative of false information on the mainstream media continues to imprison people in fear and ignorance. Keep in mind that one of the communist rules for radicals is the fact that a fearful population is easier to control.  Also, never let a crisis go to waste!

The fear mongering of mainstream media would have the American populace believe that people are still dropping dead left and right, hospitals are still overrun with all the COVID cases and cases continue to spike.  In line with this narrative, politicians and the elite continue to enforce and oppress the people with ridiculous, senseless and unconstitutional draconian measures (of which they themselves don’t abide by) which are destroying people’s lives and livelihoods. The fallout from the draconian regulations and lockdowns far outweigh the virus itself.

Dear friends and neighbors, this tyranny and fear mongering must stop. I am not a doctor or an expert on medical things, but I  have enough sense to listen to those who are. To begin, I know  there is controversy about mask wearing, but we have to look at the true science and pre-COVID information. It was established years before COVID that masks aren’t effective in preventing the transmission of a virus. The efficacy of the mask to prevent transmission can be compared to a chainlink fence keeping out a mosquito.

Dr. Fauci himself initially said in an interview last March that the masks do virtually nothing to prevent the spread of the virus, but if wearing a mask makes you feel better, wear one.  A major controlled study in Denmark comparing mask wearers (who actually used proper mask protocol) to non-mask wearers showed no difference in outcome. The masks don’t work, so why are we wearing them?

In fact, masks do more harm than good. The masks greatly reduce the intake of oxygen and greatly increase the intake of carbon dioxide because you’re continually breathing in your own exhaled air, raising CO2 levels in the bloodstream. This is not good for anyone, especially growing, developing children. Lung infections (bacterial pneumonia) are on the rise because warm, moist air breeds bacteria which is then inhaled into the lungs. Deprivation of oxygen adversely affects everything, even your immune system.

The mask mandate is not about health and safety, it’s about control and submission (compliance). This is a step and test in the extensive scheme to overtake our freedoms and rights, all under the guise of  being for the “common good.” Mandated masks are a step closer to communist control.

Last week I read a disturbing article in our paper from the Iowa Department of Public Health addressing questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. The second question addressed the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. The answer assured people that safety is top priority and that early trial results showed it worked as intended with no serious side effects.

From what I’ve learned, the protocol to approve a vaccine takes years. The typical protocol for the approval of this vaccine has been kicked to the wayside through Operation Warp Speed. The rush and push to get this vaccine out has sent caution to the wind. Normally, a year or two is given to wait for reactions.  This new vaccine has only been tested for a few short months, bypassing testing on animals and going directly to humans. The newspaper article said there have been no serious side effects?

Here in the U.S., different trial groups  were given different dosages. One hundred percent of the people in the test group with the highest dosage had adverse side effects. Six people in these test groups have already died. They’ve tried to say the deaths were unrelated. Bell’s palsy and other irreversible conditions have surfaced. The follow-up shot has also produced severe symptoms.  The people selected for the trials were very healthy people. Amazingly, vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability for vaccine injury.

The ex vice-president of Pfizer, one of the companies manufacturing the COVID vaccine, has come out and said that everything needs to be halted with the vaccine. He’s very concerned that the vaccine will cause sterility in females. Bill Gates, one of the heads of world vaccination programs and backer of several vaccine companies, (and one who has a great financial stake with this vaccine), has said that one of the ways to “depopulate” the world was through vaccines. I guess this can only mean one of two things; either the vaccine will make you sterile, or it will make you sick and/or kill you.

Bill Gates has also recently come out and admitted that this COVID vaccine will change your DNA.  MRNA is a new and untested technology never before used in a vaccine; it  works by changing your body’s DNA to fend off virus. This presents a serious ethical question about this vaccine.   DNA transformation is genetic manipulation (GMO), so the question would be, “How far can a human change from God’s original design and still be human?”

This same thing was going on way back in Genesis chapter 6, and God sent a flood to end it all! No one knows for sure what mRNA will do to a person, short-term or long-term. It’s too soon to tell.

Australia has had to halt the vaccine because  the majority of the vaccinated people there have tested false positive for the HIV virus. People in the UK have been warned that if they suffer severe allergies they should not take the vaccine. How does a person determine that? International attorney Dr. Francis Boyle has said that forcing a virtually untested, lethal mRNA COVID-19 vaccine on the public violates the Nuremburg Trials ruling against Nazi medical experimentation cruelty.

Mandating such a vaccine is a “war crime.” The mRNA vaccine is a human “bioweapon” intended to damage human DNA permanently. Renowned scientist  and retired microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi said on a Fox News interview recently that there is zero science for masks and social distancing. Of the vaccine he said, “the vaccine is dangerous and will send you to your doom.” Surveys here in the U.S. show that over a third (some surveys say over half) of the people surveyed, at this point, will not take the vaccine.

The vaccine also reportedly contains aborted fetal material. For people that believe abortion is murder, this is very problematic. Additionally, what adverse side effects could result from this aspect of the vaccine? With fabricated panic and urgency, there seems to be a real push and rush to get it injected into the people. You have to ask the questions of why the rush, why the vaccine at all? The mortality rate of COVID is less than one percent (99.7% survival rate).

There are successful treatments that can beat it and there are prophylactics (preventive measures) you can take to boost your immune system. I’ve listened to Dr. Richard Bartlett in Texas, and he has prescribed budesonide with a nebulizer.  He also prescribes erythromycin to prevent secondary pneumonia. He says it’s the silver bullet to treat COVID. Intravenous Vitamins C and D have also been successful.

America’s frontline doctors prescribe hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with zinc either as treatment if you have it or as a prophylactic for prevention. Everyone should be building up their immune systems with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and zinc.  Other doctors have written reviews on the success of ivermectin. With such a low mortality rate and successful treatments for C, why would anyone want to take such great risk as to take a vaccine that has had inadequate testing, unproven technologies and unsafe ingredients?

Lastly, a new delivery system to administer vaccines is called the microneedle skin patch or stamp.  This method injects the vaccine along with a dye containing nanobot (a microscopic robot) crystals. The mark is invisible to the naked eye, but can store vaccination information as well as interact or interface with smart homes and smartphone apps. This technology could be used to more easily track people and their vaccination information.

Please, do your own research before you take this vaccine. Much of this information came from Robert Kennedy Jr., articles from Healthmasters.com, and Americasfrontlinedoctors.com with Dr. Simone Gold as well as other sources.  Pray and ask the Lord if this is something you should do before just jumping in.

Those who feel they are vulnerable to COVID should be free to take whatever precautions they see fit. But the rest of us should be free to carry on with our lives as we see fit. Take care of yourself, if you’re sick stay home, use common sense, exercise and get sunshine, and wash your hands often. Take off the mask and enjoy your life.  It’s time to get back to normal.

Make your voice heard and let your representatives hear from you: No more lockdowns - no more mask mandates - no mandatory vaccines!

Robin Oden

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