New COVID-19 vaccination information website launched by State of Iowa

Following the Thursday, February 25 press conference held by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Allamakee County Emergency Management Coordinator Corey Snitker shared COVID-19 vaccination information made available by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). The information was presented by Governor Reynolds and is represented in more visual format in the images above this article pertaining to a projected vaccination timeline in the state of Iowa and a new vaccination information website recently launched by IDPH.

The information can be found in its entirety on a new Vaccinate Iowa assistance website launched Friday, February 26 and available at The informational images above represent portions of that website that allows Iowa residents to find providers in their area that are administering or helping distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, along with supplying an abundance of information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination effort in the state of Iowa, including specific information for various groups and eligibility guidelines.

The image at left above represents the projected timeline for the vaccination process throughout the state of Iowa, according to current information on vaccine availability. It should be noted that the recent news of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine approval may change the timeline indicated above, as will any other changes made to other vaccine supplies currently available through Moderna and Pfizer.

The new Vaccinate Iowa website also includes vaccine provider information that can be used for Iowa residents to find a provider in their local area and is available on the website’s initial homepage (as indicated by the red circles and arrows in the above image at right). It should be noted that the site will not allow an individual to schedule or register for a vaccination appointment, but does list provider locations and contact information through which to further do so. The site also has the ability to be translated into numerous different languages, as indicated by the red circle at the top far right in the image at right above.

Additional information, adjustments or enhancements will continue to be provided by IDPH as they develop and become available.

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