Kim "Pete" Peterson

Kim “Pete” Peterson passed away at Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, WI Thursday, May 6, 2021, surrounded by family. A Celebration of Life is planned for Tuesday, May 11 at Green Valley Getaway in Waukon from 4-7 p.m.

Pete, as he was almost universally known by friends, was a larger than life presence. Never one to shy away from cheering the loudest for his Waukon Indians sports teams, or the opportunity to crack a joke at the drop of a hat, he always made his presence known, no matter where he was.

Pete’s jokes were always the funniest, and never fell flat - if you didn’t believe him, you could just ask him. He was always the first to laugh at his own jokes, and whether they were groaners or knee-slappers, his laughter would often spread and get the rest of the room in on the joke.

Pete was an unmissable presence - literally and figuratively. Standing at 6’8” and rarely missing an opportunity to grab a second (or third) plate at any event, he was truly in his element in environments with good food, great conversation and a willingness to laugh.

In addition to his fervent support of the Waukon Indians, Pete was a staunch Minnesota Vikings fan. He was the first to poke fun about any other team in the NFL, but always played along when the remarks about how the Vikings won’t ever win a Championship inevitably came around.

Pete is survived by his son, Brent Peterson, and son-in-law, Zach Coleman. Pete is also survived by his other “kids” and “grandkids”: son Colin Ahlstrom, grandson Tyler Saddler, granddaughter Chelsea Ahlstrom and grandson Whalen Ahlstrom; son Brian (Vicki) Ahlstrom and granddaughters Shelby Trout, Maddie Ahlstrom and Kiara Ahlstrom; daughter Shawna (Mike) Sweeney and grandsons Michael Sweeney and Brennan Sweeney; son Justin (Ashley) Ahlstrom and granddaughter Vera Ahlstrom and grandson Isaiah Ahlstrom.