Letter to the Editor: Reasons for not voting for Democrats

To the Editor:

On May 18, 2021, Ms. Ann Hart told us that we should be voting for only Democrats because they are the only party trying to live up to the Constitution. That could not be farther from the truth!

What the Democrat party really stands up for is big government and the erosion of individual rights and subversion of the Constitution.

They stand for requiring you and me to pay for killing unborn children. And they believe in open borders which right now means that illegal aliens from 160 different countries have entered the country since January 21, 2021.

Drug overdoses are on the increase again due to the failed policy on the southern border. They have no solution for solving the problems they created there and their latest is to blame Trump! They believe in packing the Supreme Court and have a commission currently studying how to do that.

The believe in promoting and accepting Marxism by using the argument of class envy demanding that there be redistribution of wealth based on what they believe you need rather than what you can earn.

They believe in promoting the notion of systemic racism and victimhood. Noted African Americans Ben Carson and Robert Woodward decry what the Democrat Party is trying to do, noting that they are focusing on negative aspects of American History (Project 1619) and ignoring the positive aspects of our history which has made the United States the greatest country in history.

The Democrat Party also believes in promoting the well being of Iran over that of our ally Israel. They also believe in destroying our energy independence which we had under the previous administration.

The Democrats have done so by canceling the Keystone Pipeline. At the same time they have voted to allow Russia permission to build a pipeline to supply petroleum products to Europe. How about that barbed wire fence around the U.S. Capitol!

The Democrat party that Ms. Hart extols is leading the Cancel Culture Parade and rejoining the “Paris Accord”supposedly to save the planet from U.S. pollution. They did not tell you that excluded from the accord are China, India and all of Africa, the world’s largest polluters.

The positive aspects of the Democrat Party that Ms. Hart is trying to sell disappeared with the JFK presidency.

Ms. Hart totally ignores the fact the previous Republican administration grew the economy unlike any administration in her lifetime. More people worked their way out of poverty and off welfare than any time in history.

Wages for middle class workers grew at the greatest rate since WWII. The unemployment rate for African Americans, Latinos and women reached an all time low!

By the way, Representative Ashley Hinson is doing a great job representing the values of our district in Washington.

I encourage you to learn the truth about what the Democrat Party is really doing and stands for and join the Republican Party to repudiate what the Democrat Party is trying to force upon us.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry