This Saturday, Waukon native Paul Osterholm will donate copy of best-selling book to Robey Memorial Library in which he shares his organ donation experience

Waukon native Paul Osterholm has shared his kidney donation story as part of a book that became available in late April of this year and also climbed to Best Seller status on Amazon just a few days following its release. Osterholm will be returning to his native hometown Saturday, May 29 with the woman he shares that story with and - as of October 2018 - also shared one of his kidneys with for a book donation presentation and signing event at Robey Memorial Library.

“Because of Organ Donation: A Collection of Inspiring Stories Celebrating the Gift of Life” is a collection of 25 organ donation stories from a variety of individuals, including NASCAR Cup driver Joey Gase telling his late mother’s story, with a forward written by Bill Ryan, President and CEO of Transplant Games of America and the Transplant Life Foundation.

The story of how 15 years after meeting Nicole Braatz through a business arrangement Osterholm would end up saving her life through donation of one of his kidneys is among those inspiring stories that helped push the book to its Best Seller status. But the book and its stories are also purposed to do so much more in shining “an important light on the continuing importance of becoming a donor - humanizing the people involved with poignant tales of survival,” according to a news release highlighting the new book.

Author and organ donor Brenda E. Cortez compiled the collection of organ donation stories celebrating life, hope, kindness, despair and healing from transplant recipients, living donors and donor families. “Because of Organ Donation” is published by organ recipient Mike Nicloy of Nico 11 Publishing & Design, with the cover of the book being designed by Osterholm and featuring a photo he took.

“I fell in love with this sunset, and the eagle is such a majestic representation of courage and strength - a perfect representation of what the stories in this book are all about,” Osterholm said. “I’m very, very humbled to have been asked to not only share my story in the book but to also have my photo grace its cover.”

Osterholm and Braatz will be making the trip to Waukon from the Fond du Lac, WI area Saturday, May 29, with this being Braatz’s first-ever trip to Waukon and even to Iowa, according to Osterholm. They are scheduled to be at Robey Memorial Library from 1-3 p.m. to donate a copy of the book to the library, and they will talk about the book and share their story that is featured in the book. They will also have books available for purchase and signing, for those who wish.

Osterholm is a 1978 graduate of Waukon High School. He and his wife, Janet, have been married for 34 years and live in Pipe, WI, north of Fond du Lac. They have been blessed with a son and daughter of their own, and their first grandchild was born just five days after her Grandpa Paul’s kidney donation in October 2018. Osterholm is the founder of the Facebook page, Share Your Spare, Fond du Lac, where he advocates for kidney and other organ donation.