West Elementary second graders tour Johanningmeier Dairy ...

Second graders from the classrooms of Mrs. Liddiard, Mrs. Voight, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Allison at West Elementary School in Waukon have been learning how farms help the local community and where food comes from. Friday, April 23, the classes visited Johanningmeier Dairy Farm in rural Waterville to see those concepts in action. The students learned about all the jobs that they could do on the farm, as well as how food gets from the farm to the store and then to the kitchen table. They learned about field work, calving, milking and veterinarian responsibilities. Candidate for Allamakee County Dairy Princess Madi Palmer joined the groups and shared her dairy experiences and offered dairy treats. The second graders were able to tour the milking parlor, office, calf barns, cow barns and feed storage areas. Allamakee County Farm Bureau provided the treats and the transportation to the farm. Submitted photos.

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