Sworn in as new Allamakee County Treasurer ...

Newly appointed Allamakee County Treasurer Jennifer O’Neill (center of photo) raises her right hand while placing her left hand on a Bible held by her husband, Cory (far right), as she is sworn into office by retired Iowa Judicial District 1A District Court Judge John Bauercamper (far left) Tuesday, June 1. O’Neill was sworn into the position after being appointed to the office by the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors earlier that morning, replacing retiring Allamakee County Treasurer Lori Hesse (standing between the O’Neills), who has served as County Treasurer for the past 26 years and is retiring due to health considerations. Having worked in the Allamakee County Treasurer’s Office for the past 17 years and serving as First Deputy Treasurer, O’Neill will now complete Hesse’s current term in office, which expires at the end of year 2022 and will be up for election in November of 2022. The appointment of O’Neill and a call to instead fill the County Treasurer vacancy by special election can be petitioned for by the public within 14 days of the June 1 appointment. Standard photo by Joe Moses.

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