Letter to the Editor: What could happen

To the Editor:
I originally wrote the following January 9, 2021: For the record, I want to write this editorial. President Trump will go down as the best, most accomplished president ever. He strongly supported the military and police; he is for English only; and he is for putting the Bible and Ten Commandments back in our schools. Our schools, over the years, have become a place of indoctrination, anti-Christ and Bible, and that’s sad.

Trump would protect our historical statues, promote term limits and a balanced budget. He would promote peace in many Middle East countries. Trump would promote the fact that each bill before Congress would stand strictly on its own. Right now, the bill that is supposed to be the stimulus bill is 5,000 pages. Our present Congress is discouragingly bad - 11% approval. Maybe all those amendments put money in their pockets?

Does it bother you that all our Congressmen retire very wealthy? Joe Biden was in Congress for 47 years, and his annual salary was $175,000 a year. Today his net worth is $16 million. In Biden’s 47 years, can you name one thing that he has done besides filling his pockets?

Before the pandemic, the USA was enjoying the very best economy ever, thanks to Trump, with low unemployment, prison reform, building the wall, moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, bringing back lots of manufacturing. He should have won the election, hands-down. With 75 million votes, he was ahead big-time election night. We woke up November 4 hearing of all the votes Biden got after midnight - that don’t pass the smell test.

The Republican party is in bad shape, too many RINOs, like Romney, Bush, McCain (deceased) and Cheney. Governor Bush criticized Trump but never said a word about Obama. Bill Clinton made 60 trips to the scandalous island with Epstein, you can bet your bottom dollar George W. was along a few times.

President Trump accomplished all these great things, even while battling the bad bias about him and Russia. The dossier was totally false, paid for by the Democrats and promoted by the FBI and CIA.

I must acknowledge and say to Iowa, and especially Allamakee County - conservatives won big. I would like to congratulate Waukon and the state of Iowa where Trump won big-time. Great people and an honest vote count; Trump carried Allamakee County by 2,000 votes.

Now, for the record, I predict that the USA will become like a third world country, much like Venezuela and Cuba, so be prepared. Now, some things the middle class will learn: higher prices for gas and diesel, higher taxes, more crime, higher rent payments and more unemployment.

An example of the steady, downhill slope: Back in the early 1940s, Waukon’s population was about 3,800. They had one cop, Ben Kellison, and he drove his own car, carried no gun and was loved by all. Over the years, we have increased our police force to eight and have three or four very well equipped patrol cars.

We need to respect our law enforcement. Back in the 1940s very few people locked their cars and homes - very low crime rate. Sadly, every - and I mean every - town in the USA has been on the same slippery slope as Waukon. The sad part is, no one noticed, and it happened, and here we are. Our big cities are looted, burned, destroyed by uncontrolled mobs. We are sitting on a powder keg waiting to explode.

The Democrats are experts at making good look like evil, and evil look like good. They call their good lawyers that can do the above. They are openly anti-Christ, anti-Bible and anti-10 Commandments. Planned Parenthood, a very shameful thing, kills millions of babies. It certainly was not promoted by God, therefore, it was promoted by the devil. The Democrats love and own Planned Parenthood.

The 10 RINOs that voted to impeach Trump are a disgrace to the party. They have been against Trump all along, they want to be pals with the evil Democrats. Hollywood gave enormous amounts of money to the Democrats. Why? Maybe they think the Republicans would put some needed restrictions on their trash. The teachers union gave big bucks to the Democrats; they are one of the worst and crookedest unions.

Something else to ponder: All the states that have Democrats as governor are in a bad situation with high taxes, high debt and high crime. The same goes where cities have Democratic mayors. Cities and states that used to be a great place to live, and now people that can are abandoning them, like rats from a sinking ship.

I added this July 12, 2021: I know this letter is way too long, but I believe that it’s all true. If not, show me where I’m wrong. Our border is a real disaster, crime has increased greatly, fuel is higher and our respect overseas is not good. Our country needs a real Christian revival. Our national debt must be brought under control now, before it’s too late. It could bring a real disaster, like Venezuela.

If Trump would have been re-elected, he and Dr. Carson would have fixed and improved our impoverished sections of our larger cities. Those minority people have been neglected for over 50 years. They need real leadership to build better schools, so when they graduate they are tax-paying, respectable citizens. No more killing of each other, no more burning of buildings, no more killing cops, and no more drug dealing. This has been going on for too long. The Democrats like it that way, because it’s a voting block, and this is criminal.

Now, folks, we have over two years of this administration, so hold on to your pants. We are in for a long ride of badness and disaster. Enough said, just love and concern for our USA.

So, I say farewell to Donald J. Trump. You did a great job and I thank you. May God bless you and your family.

Kindest regards and God bless,
Osmund “Ozzie” Quandahl