Letter to the Editor: Are we the ugly Americans?

To the Editor:

We are leaving Afghanistan but we are not doing it right. We should not evacuate. We should withdraw, even if we are still there after August 31, 2021.

The French, British and Dutch have sent their own soldiers into Afghanistan to evacuate their citizens out of Afghanistan. Are we doing the same? We have great soldiers who would risk themselves to fight for a perimeter around the airport that is being controlled by the United States. Those U.S. soldiers would also evacuate American citizens and Afghan interpreters, and their families, who have helped our military effort.

Governor Kim Reynolds has decided that a number of people from Afghanistan may come to Iowa. I agree with Governor Reynolds, if they are Afghans who have helped our military effort. This would give us some redemption.

Unfortunately though, the U.S. House of Representatives passed another expensive infrastructure bill about August 25, 2021. It deserves death on arrival at the U.S. Senate. Our Senators must oppose and vote “NO” on this infrastructure bill.

Congress must not appropriate additional money for infrastructure when money is needed for a military mission. Our mission is to evacuate fellow American citizens and Afghans with their families who have helped our military effort.

For the past several weeks, our national government has not been doing its job the right way in Afghanistan. Therefore, we should not trust the federal government to manage a few trillion dollars for infrastructure.

If Congress appropriates more money for infrastructure and our national government leaves Americans and others behind in Afghanistan, then we are the ugly Americans.

Bruce Palmer