COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Allamakee County; Among the highest positivity rates in the entire state again

The weekly update by the Iowa Department of Public Health of positive COVID-19 case numbers continues to show a significant increase in positive cases for Allamakee County, the past reported week marking one of the highest new case counts in a week’s time thus far for this year 2021. As of the last available official positive case update Wednesday, September 1, Allamakee County showed 43 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the previous seven days prior to September 1.

Those 43 cases are more than double any previous week since positive case numbers have begun to rise again due to the Delta variant of the virus, with 20 cases being the previous high just two weeks earlier. Those 43 cases also represent the county’s second highest positive case count in a single week since the start of the year 2021, with only the 45 cases reported from the first full week of January of this year being higher. Allamakee County’s 14% positivity rate over that reported seven-day period is second in the entire state to just a pair of other counties in southern Iowa reporting 15% positivity rates.

Additional analysis provided by the Iowa Department of Public Health shows that the reported week’s 43 cases are spread among all age groups, including nearly 20% of those cases being reported in those age 60 and older. The highest percentage of those 43 positive cases reported (22%) came in the youngest age group, age 17 and under, which local public health officials say will be something to continue to monitor as the new school year continues. Each of the 18-29 and 30-39 age groups accounted for 19% of the week’s new cases.

Also as of that last available report, September 1, Allamakee County was showing two patients hospitalized due to COVID-19. Details about local vaccination options can be found on Page 5 of this week’s print edition and e-edition of The Standard.

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