Letter to the Editor: For everyday Iowans

To the Editor:

I’m shocked at the new laws and policies that Iowa’s state Republican legislators and Gov. Kim Reynolds enacted; many of these are against local control and inflict harm on everyday Iowans.

With COVID positive cases increasing dramatically, it would be reassuring if schools had rapid COVID tests available, but Governor Reynolds turned down over $95 million in federal money meant for COVID-19 testing in our schools. This bad decision affects approximately 500,000 school-age kids, that is $190 per student. That $190 per student would provide many rapid tests, as well as a staff person for administering these tests.

Parents, just think if your student wasn’t feeling well, you could go to school, have your child take a rapid test and know within 15 minutes if your student had COVID or not! Governor Reynolds demonstrated her short-sightedness, lack of leadership, and lack of compassion for everyday Iowans.

And the mask law bans all school officials from requiring students or staff to wear masks, and Iowa cities and counties cannot impose a mask mandate (Richardson, Des Moines Register, 5-20-21). Once again, Governor Reynolds and the Republican state legislators were short-sighted, stole the power from the local school districts who are in the best position to determine their needs, and endangered everyday Iowans.

The Republicans want complete control over your lives. In the Midterm Elections, vote for the Democratic Party, voting for everyday Iowans.

Ann Fields