Waukon Economic Development kicking off “The Great Waukon Medallion Hunt”

With the fall season offering a prime opportunity to get out and enjoy the crisp fresh air, sunny skies and some fun, Waukon Economic Development is offering a treasure hunt that will further enhance that opportunity while also promoting some local businesses. Waukon Economic Development is teaming up with some local eateries to sponsor “The Great Waukon Medallion Hunt” over the next several weeks.

A metal three-inch circular medallion has been hidden somewhere within the city limits of Waukon. It needs to be emphasized that the medallion is not anywhere on private property but rather on public property, so treasure hunters are reminded to avoid trespassing on private property in search of the medallion.

Each day a clue will be posted on Waukon Economic Development’s Facebook page, along with the social media or websites of participating dining establishments in Waukon. The hunt will begin Wednesday, October 6 with the first clue posted that day and is scheduled to end November 2, or sooner if the medallion is found. Throughout that timeframe, a new clue will be posted each day, Monday through Friday.

The person finding the medallion should take it to the Waukon Economic Development office located at 101 West Main Street to claim a prize package valued at over $100.

In announcing “The Great Waukon Medallion Hunt,” the hunt’s first clue, for Wednesday, October 6, is also printed below. This clue, and all further clues, will also be found only on the Waukon Economic Development Facebook page and the social media or websites of the participating dining establishments for the remainder of the contest.

I’m a lost Medallion, come look for me;
I measure all round and across by three.
Go to your favorite restaurant and carry out your treat;
Now head to a place where you can park and eat.