Clover Kids take part in apple science ...

Ever wonder why apples turn brown and rot? Allamakee County 4-H Clover Kids took that question a step farther with some apple science at their September meeting. They predicted what would happen to apple slices left out in the air or placed in water, soda pop, vinegar, tonic water and lemon juice (such as pictured in the photo above). After letting the apple slices sit for an hour, the Clover Kids compared the slices to their predictions.

They learned apples turn brown when the air mixes with the iron in them, called oxidation, kind of like rusting. The best way to prevent oxidation is to eat the apples right away, cook them or put them in lemon juice. Lemon juice was the only liquid that kept the slices looking edible. Clover Kids also read the book “My Family’s Apple Farm” from the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation. They also made their own apple trees out of string, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and paper (as pictured in the photo at center) and also played with apple play dough (as pictured in the photo below). Submitted photos.

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