Letter to the Editor: Who really helps everyday people?

To the Editor:

In her letter to the editor October 6, Ann Fields claims that the dastardly Republicans are going to start snooping into your medical records. I do not know where she derived this amazing information, and would really like to know the source.

She then goes on to explain how much she was horrified to learn, in her experience in the Ukraine in 1993, how dangerous it is to have the government spying on everything you do. Then she claimed that Democrats and their policies help everyday people.

Ms. Fields ignores the fact that due to Democrat policies it now costs $50 to fill the gas tank of your car, natural gas is around $6.00 per gallon, the highest in several years, and new government figures show that, due to inflation, it now costs the median income family $175.00 per month more for regular household expenses  than it did one year ago!  How is that helping everyday people?

Nor does she mention the fact that the Department of Justice, controlled by Democrats, is now telling the FBI to investigate domestic terrorists - that is, parents who are protesting against school boards that are promoting CRT and Project 1619. These protesters are demanding that schools return to teaching students the things that made America great and those things they will need to be successful in their own lives. Is Ms. Fields not afraid of this big government intrusion into our lives? Sounds like the Ukraine in 1993.

Ms. Fields also ignores the fact that more than one million illegals, from all over the world, have crossed our southern border this year. And she does not mention that last month Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials seized more than nine tons of deadly drugs along our southern border. Are these illegal drugs helping everyday people? She also does not acknowledge that all of those illegals, under Democrat Party policies, will receive free education and free medical attention.

And what about the jobs these illegals will take from our citizens? Nor does she mention that those illegals are not required to have COVID-19 vaccinations that are being forced upon our own citizens. What part of the Constitution allows for this flood of illegal immigrants? How about taking care of our veterans and the homeless?

She ignores the fact that the Democrat party is being controlled by extremists who are using Marxist tactics to try to grow the  federal government and take away state’s and individual’s constitutionally guaranteed rights. And tell me how aborting unborn babies, promoted by the Democrat Party, helps everyday people.  Are not those babies everyday people and do they not have a right to be protected?

Time to make this “one nation under God” once again. I believe Republicans will support that goal and Democrats will not.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry