Letter to the Editor: Vulgar flags and climate change

To the Editor:

With regards to the flag that flies in Rossville: Yes, the owner has a legal right to fly it, but is it morally right? How do you open up a conversation with someone who feels the need to express themselves with vulgarity, no matter the rationale?

A recent letter writer said that he does not know a meteorologist that believes in the threat of climate change.

Decades of scientific data, including satellite images, show that human-caused climate change is real and affecting our planet at an alarming rate, according to multiple agencies and organizations including the United Nations, the National Academy of Sciences, NASA, NOAA and the American Meteorological Society.

The Nobel Prize for Physics this fall was given to two pioneering climate scientists who laid the foundation for our understanding of the role of human activities and greenhouse gases in climate change, calling climate change “a major crisis”.

The writer also took to task the fact that China and Russia have not joined the climate accord. And this is a reason the U.S. should not have joined? Are these countries a good role model for the U.S.?

If the flag in Rossville were in Russia or China with Putin’s or XI Jinping’s name... well, it wouldn’t be.

Pam Larson
Harpers Ferry