Letter to the Editor: From Karen Pratte and Ann Hart, Co-Chairs Allamakee County Democratic Party

To the editor:

The height of hypocrisy is Republicans proclaiming their allegiance to the constitution and democracy but failing to embrace the most fundamental democratic principle of acceptance of election results and the peaceful transfer of power. Republicans continue to peddle the big lies of a stolen election and election fraud. They turn a blind eye to the attempted coup of our government. They have dismissed the violence of attackers of police guarding the capitol. Meanwhile, Republicans are passing voter suppression bills in Iowa and other states. How anti-democratic.

Democrats continue to fight for ordinary people in the Build Back Better (BBB) bill. The BBB invests in workers, seniors, children... those everyday Iowans who the Republicans ignore. The Build Back Better plan is paid for by making sure billionaires and corporations, who pay no taxes, start paying their fair share. For seniors, Democrats are working to control the costs of drugs and Medicare coverage of hearing aids.

For families, Democrats are working for affordable childcare and coverage of childcare costs and universal pre-K schooling. For workers, Democrats are investing in training and higher wages. BBB includes the largest investment to turn back climate change, which after last week’s high winds and storms, is the perfect example of what our children’s futures may become without intervention. Of course, Rep. Ashley Hinson voted against the Build Back Better investments, just as all Republicans did.

Republicans are avid supporters of billionaires and mega corporations. They made tax cuts for billionaires a priority. They did not care that this tax cut added $2 trillion to the deficit. One word describes this: hypocrisy.

As a result of Democrats investing in everyday Iowans and the economy,  unemployment is very low at 4.2% (Bureau of Labor & Statistics), businesses have opened their doors and are hiring, workers’ wages are up, child poverty has been cut in half. The economy is well on the road to recovery from the Trump recession.

Democrats  will continue to work to save our democracy and fight for everyday Iowans. We proudly sign our names to this letter.

Karen Pratte and Ann Hart, Co-Chairs
Allamakee County Democratic Party