Letter to the Editor: From Pat Ward

To the Editor:

I read a little of the Allamakee Republican Party letter. Not one little word was written about the attempt to overthrow a democratic government of over 200 years, in one of the fairest and honest elections in our history.

This country, for four years, had a career liar of over 25,000 lies told while in the White House who had dictatorial intentions of staying in office until he died. But he couldn’t overcome the election or the electoral college. People died during the riot at the Capitol who were told and encouraged by the ex-president and members of his congressional followers to come to Washington while he and the former party of Lincoln were holding a coup.

Not one word was mentioned in the letter about the ex-president’s huge tax break for the richest in America, but they do complain about BBB. For four years the ex-president and his party took away - and still are trying to stop people of any color - the right to vote, including the party that runs the state of Iowa.

As for the Iowa senator who has been a representative for 40 years who carries the U.S. Constitution around in his pocket, he has done nothing about the U.S. border, about drugs or illegals, again, for over 40 years. Not one infrastructure bill was passed in four years by any of Iowa’s Republican representatives for Iowa or this country.

The party’s representatives of Iowa, state and federal, have been, for five years or more, just yes people for their ex-president. Just ask Governor Reynolds how many trips she’s made to the White House in the last four years. What good has she done for your wallet?

Pat Ward