Letter to the Editor: Some questions for you

To the Editor:

Here we go again, and I find it very hard work for me to write because of being 95. Age does something to you.

I have a few questions for you: Do you like what Putin has done to Ukraine? Yes or no? Is he a war criminal? Yes or no?

Do you like what Biden has done to our country with high-priced gas, much higher food prices, our open borders, our disastrous departure from Afghanistan, all paid by our dedicated, hard-working taxpayers? This list could go on and on. Biden’s been in Washington, DC for 47 years. Can you name one piece of legislation accomplished by him?

We are now in a severe downhill slide, and we could see $5 gas by the end of the year, food prices much higher, plus shortages, interest rates could go up, home heating bills up over $1,000 for winter. Older people with fixed incomes will suffer, and young working people that make our economy do well will be paying the bill.

If we had a government that lived by a balanced budget and term limits, we would be much better off. Now all I hear about Congress is a deadline to increase the debt - a real disgrace. Our downhill slide started when the Bible and all things Christian were taken out and our educational system became indoctrinators, not educators. If you are concerned about our country, we should all push for a total Christian revival.

If there is something I misstated, please point it out. We need Trump back, he is way superior to all the others in his party who think they are presidential. They don’t have the ideas, the ambition or the know-how, like Trump. I hope the USA can stay out of bankruptcy until 2024, and we can vote in an administration that will make America great again.

Kindest Regards and God Bless,
Osmund “Ozzie” Quandahl