Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for the appreciation shown

To the Editor:

We can’t begin to express how grateful we are to live in such a wonderful community.

In March we had a fire fighting appreciation shower for the rescue men and women who help to keep our community safe. So many people responded with a large outpouring of cookies, thank you notes and donations. We know the firemen and women and rescue workers really appreciated it and felt the love from all of you!

Our family distributed the cookies to the departments and came home with lots of knowledge about fire trucks and stations, police cars, and also many official golden police and sheriff stickers (that we are finding stuck to the strangest things :).

We have two more drop-off dates for the Lansing and Waterville fire departments as well - April 7 and April 12 - and we are grateful for the cookies that will be baked across the county for them as well.

In gratitude,
Val and Josh Miller