Maria Magner and Rory Deol welcome daughter, Winona

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Maria Magner and Rory Deol announce the birth of their daughter, Winona Kaur Magner. She was born February 14, 2022 at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Winona, or Nona as she is fondly called, was 5 lbs. 14 ozs. and measured 19 inches long at birth.

The family’s first child, Freya Rose Magner, turns two in June. They currently reside in Tulsa, OK, where Rory completed his doctoral training last summer to become a Medical Examiner.

Maria is the daughter of Jim and Rose Magner of Waukon. Rory is the son of Harbans Deol and Kathy Devine, formerly of Iowa City. In late 2021, Maria was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The family temporarily relocated to Rochester, MN, where they could receive care from experts in cancer treatment during the pregnancy. After almost two months of radiation and chemotherapy, Winona was born. She spent nine days in the NICU but is now thriving.

Maria is doing well and is currently undergoing six more months of chemotherapy and Optune cancer therapy. The family is back in Tulsa, OK but they will never forget the kindness and generosity they received from so many northeast Iowans. Photo by