Allamakee Community School District honors retiring employees and those reaching milestone years of employment

ACSD retiring staff members ... Left to right: Tim Bulman, Mary Milewsky, Calleen Adam, Jon Snitker and Louise Wild. Not pictured: Bev Heim and Darryl Rud. Submitted photo.

30 Years of Service to ACSD ... Jo Ann Sherman. Not pictured: Anne Grampovnik and Darryl Rud. Submitted photo.

25 Years of Service to ACSD ... Left to right: Jim Tollefsrud, Ted Snitker, Jessica Keenan and Tina Cooper. Not pictured: Jason Teff. Submitted photo.

20 Years of Service to ACSD ... Thea Thies. Not pictured: Jed Hemann. Submitted photo.

15 Years of Service to ACSD ... Left to right: Jane Sivesind, Nancy Reiser and Michael Shupe. Submitted photo.

Friday, May 27, a luncheon was held in the Waukon Middle School Gym for all employees of the Allamakee Community School District (ACSD). In addition to commemorating the end of another school year, the luncheon event was held to honor employees of the district who have achieved milestones of 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of continuous service within the district along with those who are retiring from the district following the end of this school year.

A total of 19 staff members were honored during the luncheon event (some of whom are pictured in the photos below), including the following:

Retiring staff members: Calleen Adam, Tim Bulman, Bev Heim, Mary Milewsky, Jon Snitker, Louise Wild and Darryl Rud.
30 years of service: Anne Grampovnik, Jo Ann Sherman and Darryl Rud.
25 years of service: Tina Cooper, Jessica Keenan, Ted Snitker, Jason Teff and Jim Tollefsrud.
20 years of service: Jed Hemann and Thea Thies.
15 years of service: Nancy Reiser, Michael Shupe and Jane Sivesind.