Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for the Star City Film Festival

To the Editor:

I applaud Katie O’Regan and The Sacred Noise Society, Inc. for bringing a bit of Hollywood glamour to northeast Iowa. The Star City Film Festival and the premier of “Good Morning, Miss America” (based on a true story) was inspirational and entertaining.

A film festival of this sort usually only happens in larger or college towns. It shows how fledgling film makers get initial exposure and a possible toe-hold in the movie industry.

It was great that some local people were in the cast of the film premiere, including Katie. It could only have helped the local economy as well - in printing, advertising, travel, lodging, etc. Appreciation also goes out to Val Reinke with Allamakee County Economic Development and Tourism and anything that group had to do with this production.

The new Town Theater marquis is a welcome addition to downtown Waukon. Our Town Theater is a wonderful asset and should be patronized whenever possible.

Jim Magner