Bulman Reunion held for 63rd year in Eitzen, MN

The 63rd Bulman reunion was held July 17, 2022 with Pastor Paul Burgess of Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church offering the luncheon prayer for the 21 attendees. The family is thankful for the organizers, Grace Bulman and Deb Harguth of Eitzen, MN. Bruce Bulman of Caledonia, MN continues to lead as reunion chairman. Historian Laina Ford suggested getting one email for each branch of the family and encouraging them to pass down the reunion information to their descendants.

There were no first-timers attending the reunion. Greetings were given from Ronda and John Opatt. Deaths reported were Betty Snitker, Merlyn Klocke, James Beardmore, Richard Anderson, Kolby Martin and Margret Herlig. One birth was reported for Hayden Bulman. One marriage was mistakenly unreported for Grace Bulman Manke and Nathan Holdbrook.

Door prizes were awarded to: Furthest - Christine Huchtausen, pretzels for the ride home; Most unique ride - Jim Bulman, bottled water; Oldest - Grace Bulman, photo of the Bulman round house in England; Car show - Bruce Bulman’s 2001 Mountaineer, gift card for one gallon of gas; Longest married - Linda and Gayle Brink, 56 years, snack bag clip.

There was a display about the three Bulman brothers, sons of W.G. and Martha Bulman, from Postville, who served in World War II. At one time their mother lamented that one was a POW, one MIA and one had crashed in a P-26, leaving them with their faithful dog back in Iowa. Howard was in the 35th Combat Engineers working on the Alaska Highway and fought in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. Neil served in the Army Air Corps in England flying as a crew member in P-26s over Germany and working on perfecting the new technology of radar. The youngest son, DuWayne, was in the infantry and captured at the Battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, Africa, spending two years of the war in Stalag II-B near Hammerstein in present-day Poland.

The family will meet again next year on the third Sunday of July at Eitzen, MN. Members are encouraged to send any new family information to bulmanreunion@gmail.com.