Letter to the Editor: Questioning accountability

To the Editor:

The July 27 diatribe by Pat Ward in The Standard was another part of his political party deflecting attention away from what is happening to our country under the Biden administration.

Mr. Ward was obviously alluding to the sham “investigation” currently ongoing in Washington designed to try to bring criminal charges against former President Trump in hopes of preventing him from running again in 2024. Mr. Ward alleges, without proof, that Trump was responsible for the action at the Capitol January 6. What Mr. Ward does not do is mention that President Trump authorized the use of the National Guard to protect the Capitol and the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives refused to call in those 20,000 troops that were available.

I heard all of President Trump’s speech before the crowd moved to the Capitol on that day. At no time did I hear an order or a suggestion that anyone resort to violence. It is unfortunate that violence did occur. I do not know who instigated the violence.

I am wondering why the current administration’s political party chose which members of the opposing party would be on the committee investigating the events of 6 January. It seems that the opposing party should have had some input on who was to represent them. Those two members of Trump’s political party on the committee were obviously chosen as well-known “never-Trumpers”.

Mr. Ward, through this diatribe, puts himself clearly in the rank and file of the 27 percent of Iowans who believe Joe Biden is doing a good job.

It is unfortunate that Congress is using this technique to try to discredit Trump. It is not surprising knowing that the Justice Department is being politicized to go after Trump’s political party, but refusing to investigate Hunter Biden. This whole affair is just another attempt to impeach Trump, which the current administration’s party does all the time.

Time to start investigating the FBI, and those within it, who falsely claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.  The individuals within the bureau who did this probably should not be able to continue working for the bureau, which is supposed to be away from the fray of political pressure.

Everyone should read the book “Laptop From Hell”.

No member of Trump’s political party that I know is afraid to call himself a proud member of the Party of Lincoln. I am not seeing many people lining up to join Mr. Ward in proclaiming how great this current administration is.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry