Letter to the Editor by Lowell L. Engle

To the Editor:

It is obvious from the letter to the editor of August 31, 2022 from Ann Klees from Waterville that she has been drinking the “Kool-Aid” being distributed by the “more progressive party” in Washington and promoted by the main stream media.

Ms. Klees promotes the wonders of the Inflation Reduction Act claiming among other things that spending $300 billion to curb climate change is somehow going to make an impact. Scientists have already noted the proposals set forth for these expenditures will, at most, result in about one-tenth of one degree in temperature change.

Moreover, she and the “more progressive party” ignore the July 19, 2022 article published by NASA stating that climate changes that occur are a result of the changes in the earth’s solar orbit and not because of SUVs and fossil fuel.

All leading economists that I have heard, including Art Laffer, claim that the Inflation Reduction Act will increase inflation because it is adding money to an already overheated economy and that it is contrary to what the Federal Reserve is trying to do to bring inflation under control.

Ms. Klees also noted that the “more conservative party” voted to deny a woman the right to control the health of her own body. What that party did was state that it is the right of the states to determine those laws. Let’s present the facts.

And I want to know exactly what law the “more conservative party” passed that will make it more difficult for black, brown and disadvantaged individuals to vote. Certainly no such bill was passed in Iowa.  The only bill that has been passed is one that confirms that you must be able to prove you have the right to vote before you can do so. I am happy to know that Iowa believes that only those eligible to vote can do so.

I am not sure what she means when she claims the same party voted to censor books in schools and libraries. It is the right of the state and the parents to determine what books will be in our schools.

Time for a little less “Kool-Aid” and some critical thinking. That does not include thinking that progressive candidates are good for Iowa or the country.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry