All-School Reunion held for St. George High School in Lansing

The All-School St. George Reunion was held Sunday, September 4 at Milty’s in Lansing. The reunion included all classes from 1959-1973.

The celebration included gift baskets from the various St. George classes. The recipients of those baskets were John Rea (1960), Betty (Spinner) Bell (1962), Betty (Hammell) Pohlman (1963), Denise Keenan (1965), Tom Spinner (1966), Rita (Mauss) Sanchez (1968), Bill Foley (1971) and Tom Thias (1972).

Wayne Kreitzer, who attended with his wife, Jan, was the only former St. George coach and teacher present at the reunion. The history and legacy of St. George High School is considered unique, and it created some very talented alumni. That legacy will be honored at a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the school’s closing that took place in 1973, with that celebration scheduled for October 15, 2023.