Letter to the Editor by Kermit Klees

To the Editor:

Trump took over the party that has a long history of giving taxpayer money to big corporations and the extremely wealthy. At the same time, they condemn people who need a hand up as they struggle to make a living and raise a family.

In 2017 this conservative MAGA party passed tax break legislation signed into law by Trump which basically handed out trillions of dollars to big companies and to wealthy individuals.

Fast forward to 2020 when Trump and conservative Senators and Representatives passed a stimulus bill which ended up being a bonanza for the rich and big companies. This tax break cost us taxpayers $135 billion.

Check it out. Go to the Pro Publica website and look at how much Donald Trump and Iowa’s MAGA Senators and Representatives gave to big companies. Look at other individuals who abused the program.

Mr. Lowell Engle, who often extols the virtues of his party and degrades and criticizes the other party, needs to face the facts. And maybe he should watch other news stations besides Fox Entertainment.

Kermit Klees