Letter to the Editor by Thomas Hill

To the Editor:

The coming mid-term elections are the most important ones in our life time.  Although critical issues such as women’s reproductive rights and lower drug prices are in play, the existential issue confronting us is whether our country will continue as a democracy or become an electoral autocracy - a country in which votes are cast, but no longer determine the winner of elections.

Nearly 300 conservatives running for congressional and state offices in 48 states have denied the outcome of the last presidential election. If a substantial number of these candidates win, our election processes and outcomes will intentionally be thrown into disorder and a fundamental principle of democracy - that votes count - will be destroyed. If voters cannot choose the winners, we lose our ability to decide all of the other political issues.

We face a choice between a party that still believes in democracy and a party that supports electoral autocracy and authoritarianism. In order to maintain election integrity, we must elect legislators who will ensure access to the ballot and who will strengthen our voting and certification processes. I think we should vote for the progressive candidates for all offices who still believe in the importance of elections to send a message and to preserve democracy.

Thomas Hill