Letter to the Editor by Janel Clarke

To the Editor:

This year, in preparation for voting in the November election, I decided to look at a sample ballot before actually voting. That was a good idea because when I read the option for the Constitutional Amendment, I was confused about the meaning and intent of the wording.

As a result, I did a quick search to find an actual person at one of the party headquarters that could help me better understand my options. This simple action helped me get crystal clear about my choices. Then, it occurred to me to share this simple choice to be more prepared with others. A quick phone call and a quick look at the sample ballot before voting was the best choice for me.

I also realized that this action step may make a big difference for others during this election cycle. I think we can all agree that it is important to know what we are voting for these days. As long as we are clear, and as long as we vote, we are taking responsibility for our lives.

Janel Clarke