Letter to the Editor by Kerry Brennan, CASA Program Coordinator & CAMS Specialist

To the Editor:

There is so much division in our country these days. We wish we could do something to make this world, our state, our community a better place. We wish for a place which holds less fear and more trust; a place where there is less harm and more realized good intentions.

If there were an election tomorrow about the abolishment of the abuse and neglect of children in our communities across the state, it would be a unanimous vote to do just that. Our common goal would be to actively do everything in our power to end child abuse. We would each learn how to care about other people’s children and what is happening to them.

As CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers, who stand up for a child involved in the child welfare and juvenile court systems, we become their voice. We get to know and learn about the child, monitor the situation they live in, and report the facts about each child’s life to the Court. The recommendations a CASA makes and the impact of a CASA’s involvement with the children and their families is often life changing.

If there were an election today to abolish child abuse, an “I Voted Yes” sticker would mean so much. And better yet, if you were given an “I Will” sticker because you desired to make a difference in the life of a child and become a CASA volunteer, it would be the children who could say “I won, I won.”

Our next training to become a CASA Advocate starts January 2023. To learn more about becoming a CASA Advocate in your area please reach out to kerry.brennan@dia.iowa.gov or call 515-725-5350 or visit casaiowa.org. There are children waiting for you to apply today.

Kerry Brennan
CASA Program Coordinator & CAMS Specialist