Letter to the Editor by Russ Hagen

To the Editor:

Tonight, just a few short days after Halloween, witches, winkies and sundry fanciful characters came together to transport us to the land of Oz. Waukon High’s “The Wizard of Oz” played to a sold out crowd of proud moms, dads and extended family. No trick, just treat.

Molly Peake played the sweet, loving farm girl Dorothy…  because she IS! Her trio of fumbling, yearning, travel companions won our hearts. Scarecrow Dekota Bechtel was a limber wonder. Tinman Ryan Kolsrud shone as a mechanical marvel. Lion Gabriel Goettel delighted the crowd with his fearful fumbling.

The witches, good and bad, by Bailey Sherman and Lanie Monk were excellent bringing jeopardy and triumph. The Professor/Wizard Caleb Perkins was a showman supreme. Kudos to Alaina Gebel for her versatility in a different role every scene. Special nods to Trevor Block, Eireann Goettel and Memphis Miller who disappeared into their characters.

A stylized set with all the props we love about the show were there to delight.  A running projection in the back set the mood for every scene. A fine group of instrumentalists augmented the score.

The director-Sarahs, Bieber and Hagen, are to be commended for pulling together a production that has more moving parts and characters than any other show in recent memory on the Waukon stage.

The Allamakee Community School Board and administration are to be commended for their support of this fine educational opportunity. This multi-generational favorite show brings our community together in a time when togetherness is truly needed. “There’s no place like home.”

Russ Hagen