Water meter replacement program ready to begin in Waukon community

Jumper wire illustration ... Image above shows the proper installation of the jumper wire referred to in item #5 in the accompanying article. For more information, contact City of Waukon Water Superintendent Jim Cooper. Submitted image.

Letters including scheduling information being mailed to Waukon property owners soon

The City of Waukon is working with technicians from HydroCorp to perform the community-wide replacement program of all current water meters and reading devices. Residents and business/property owners should be receiving a letter in the mail with additional information about the meter replacement project, including scheduling a time for meter replacement within each property.

Commercial property owners throughout Waukon will receive the letters first, and residential property owners located south of Main Street in Waukon will receive letters soon after. Residential property owners north of Main Street will get their letters at a later date.

The goal of the meter replacement program is to update the community’s water meter infrastructure. This replacement program will help to ensure continuing accuracy and functional operation of the meter reading system.

The HydroCorp technician will be identifiable with a company shirt and identification badge. Appointments for the meter installation must be scheduled through the approved third-party contractor, HydroCorp, who specializes in communitywide installation programs. Information on scheduling will be provided in the letter that should be received in the mail in the near future.

The process of replacing the water meter typically takes less than 45 minutes and there are no fees for the meter replacement. Prior to the scheduled appointment, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the following:
1. Provide clear, unobstructed access to the water meter. This means the technician has access to operate both valves and can access, remove, and replace the meter with both hands.
2. Provide fully operable shut off valves on both sides of the meter. If these valves leak or fail during the meter replacement, it is the property owner’s responsibility to replace or repair the valves. If it is found to be unsafe to exchange the meter due to accessibility or because of obvious deterioration of the valves, the meter exchange will have to be rescheduled after the property owner has made the necessary repairs.
3. The property owner or a designated representative 18 years of age or older must be present during the water meter replacement.
4. Keep pets contained during installation.
5. Verify that the home is properly grounded through the electrical panel or that a jumper wire is installed around the water meter.  Please refer to the local electrical code for proper installation. If one is not present during the meter change-out, one will be installed and the City of Waukon will bill the customer. See the accompanying image above for illustration of the jumper wire.
6. If an appointment must be rescheduled due to faulty valves, no access, no one answers the door, or the appointment is not canceled prior to the installer’s arrival, there will be a rescheduling fee and that fee will be the responsibility of the homeowner, as per the City.

For additional information about the meter replacement program, contact City of Waukon Water Superintendent Jim Cooper at 563-568-2683.