Allamakee Community Education Association celebrates American Education Week 2022 within the Allamakee Community School District November 13-19

American Education Week is observed every year in the United States during the week prior to the Thanksgiving holiday with the principal idea of reminding everyone of the roots of American education. This year’s observance is taking place November 13-19.

In addition to the variety of activities and events planned within the Allamakee Community School District throughout this week, the American Education Week Committee of the Allamakee Community Education Association has submitted the photos below that provide a sampling of the foundation of American Education Week within local schools, as well as thoughts from students within the Allamakee Community School District as to why they value the education they receive within the Allamakee Community School District.

West Elementary School

Barrett - I like to see my friends and learn. I really like Mystery Science and all the fun activities we do.

Cavan - I like PE because we get to play fun games.

Knox - I like school because the lunch ladies make us really good lunches.

Brielle - I like that the bus drivers get me home safely.

Karissa - Our school has good technology to help us learn.

Griffin - We have a clean school to learn in. We go on fun field trips to learn and the teachers are nice.

Nora - Anybody can go to school at our school.  Our playground is big so we can all play.

Charlee - We learn a lot of stuff that we don’t know and get better at it.  When we do good things, we can earn rewards.

Dalen - I like going to art and making new things.

Lucas - We make sure no one plays alone. That’s what I like.

Josey - I like being able to show and tell about things.

Jaxon - I feel safe at school with my teacher.

Asa - I like going to specials (PE, Art, Music, Library).

Jocelyn - I like our teachers and our substitute teachers.

East Elementary School

Lily - My school is great. All of my friends go here. Our teachers are kind. We receive good food. I feel safe and special. That’s why my school is great.

Jake - I think they accept everybody and it is so nice to have a good school! Our schools are the best!

Minnesota - You get to meet new people, learn from different teachers, and explore things on field trips.

Jonah - I like going to school because I get to go to the book fair and pick out new books.

Dallas - What I like about our schools is you get to see your friends and read good stories.

Harper - Our schools are great because you learn so much. Also, you get to see your friends.

Livia - You get to learn about the history of our country, and we have nice teachers.

Joey - I like our schools because we get to do science projects and writing.

Miranda - I like our schools because everyone is caring and kind to me.

Jace - I like our schools because my mom is always there helping teachers learn new things.

Allisson - I like our schools because we have a Veterans Day program.

Thomas - The best thing that I like about our schools is that we get to go to plays, and the Wizard of Oz was the best one I saw.

Waukon Middle School

Katie - Public schools are great because they offer many class choices.

Peyton - The teachers offer students free food to those who need it.

Johnny - They offer after school activities.

Olin - Public schools have a room called a special education room for kids who have special needs.

Ethyn - Public schools are great because they are free to all families.

Dawson - You can do after school activities like basketball, football, track, volleyball and softball.

Roxie - We have more diverse friendships.

Michael - We are one-to-one computers at our school which provides opportunities to learn new things.

Cael - We get to do after school sports and travel to other schools.

Tyrone  - We have open gym in the morning.

Ethan - We have exploratory classes where we are learning Spanish, agriculture and technology.

Lauren - We have nice locker rooms and facilities.

Clayton - We get to collaborate with new people in different classes.

McKenna - We added the new sport of girls wrestling to our extracurricular activities.

Waukon High School

Ethyn - Coming to school everyday helps me better plan for my future.

Elle - I love being able to walk into the school and see the teachers who care about us.

Connor - I love being able to learn a lot to achieve good opportunities in the future.

Taylor and Ava - We are fortunate to have the opportunity to take online courses through NICC to help prepare us for college.

Emily - I like that school helps me better understand things. Also, having teachers who care about you and knowing that you can go to them as someone to talk to.

Wayde - I love going to history class.

Isabella - I like participating in sports and being able to see my friends.

Damon - I like going to school and seeing my friends and taking advantage of the weight room.

Lynsey - I am very fortunate to have the ability to receive a public education. By having the opportunity to go to a public school, we can learn how to read, write and speak properly. Some kids in other countries don’t get that opportunity, so I don’t take it for granted and I am grateful I can receive a public education.

Cashton - I like going to school to learn new things and to talk to my friends.