Letter to the Editor by Lowell Engle

To the Editor:

In her letter to the editor October 26, Ann Klees extols the wonders of the Inflation Reduction Act passed by the most progressive party in Washington and signed by President Biden.

What is ignored is that the inflation problem was created by the very individual who signed the new bill. What is also ignored is that most economists and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) believe that the bill will do nothing to reduce inflation.

She noted that every senator and representative of “the right wing conservative party” voted against the bill.  Good for them.

The Federal Reserve is in the process of trying to reduce inflation just now and we will probably see more pain as a result of their actions. Most economists believe their actions will push us deeper into a recession.

What Ms. Klees did was prove that she is fully in the whopping number of 32 percent of Iowans who approve of what this president is doing.

The so-called “moderate,  left  of center party” is not reigning in spending as our national debt continues to spiral out of control.

Time for a reality check.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry