Letter to the Editor by Nanferd Felke

To the Editor:

A number of years ago a young couple in Yisrael was required to make a ninety-mile journey across rough and dangerous terrain to obey a directive to register for the census which was periodically required.

It was winter time and the weather is commonly unpredictable, being the rainy season. Snow is very possible with temperatures dropping into the low 30s or lower, with the possibility of freezing rain. Even if not freezing, it would be very cold and high winds were very possible, and all too often, icy conditions would make walking and riding donkeys precarious.

The travel time was two to three weeks in December. The terrain was mountainous, rocky, and if heavy rains occurred fording flooded gullies may not have been possible. Sandy desert areas may have provided their own set of problems.

Rest periods were periodically necessary because of difficult travel conditions, and the young lady is due to give birth by the end of December. Travel is slow because tents need to be erected and taken down daily, and finding dry fire wood for a rather large group of people would have been difficult being cold, tired and perhaps wet.

Finally arriving in Yerusalem, they found early arrivals had taken all the rooms, the large crowds being there to celebrate the holy days and register. Another four miles to Bethlehem with high hopes, and discouraged.

Assistance must be found for Miriam soon, as there was no room in the inn in Bethlehem, either. The kind innkeeper offered the only possibility, the stable. They took the offer, as Miriam was beginning to show signs of life to the only begotten Son of the most high living Elohim (God), our Heavenly Father, Yahweh. He who had been prophesied for the past four thousand years was finally alive on Earth to save us from our sins.

The churches always talk about Christmas but never a word about the tough trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem, because it didn’t happen as written here. Yashua was born on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, as we are required to celebrate. Tabernacles is an eight-day celebration; Yashua was circumcised on the eighth day, a high holy day, as is the first day. The Feast of Tabernacles is always held in the fall. Your Bible will verify it.

Ref.: Luke 2:1 - Registration, Caesar Augustus, No room in the inn, Miriam giving birth in stable, laid in manger. Mangers are in stables.
Ref.: Genesis 17:10-14, 17:1-2 - Circumcision convent confirmed.
Ref.: Luke 2:21 - Circumcision of Yashua.
Ref.: Leviticus 23:33-41.

Nanferd Felke