New trial date set for next year in Lansing murder case; Defendant to undergo psychological evaluation

The Lansing man charged in the May 9 strangulation death of another Lansing man has had his rescheduled trial date set and will also now be undergoing a psychological evaluation, according to documents filed in Allamakee County District Court this past week. Andrew Karvel, age 65, was arrested in August of this year after an investigation into the May 9 death of 83-year-old Daniel Lundy inside a Lansing residence.

Karvel has since pleaded not guilty in September to the charge of First Degree Murder in the case. His initial trial in the case was scheduled for November 2 but was postponed at the request of all legal counsel involved in the case.

At his second pretrial conference held Tuesday, November 8 in Allamakee County District Court, Karvel has now been scheduled to stand trial August 16, 2023. The day after that pretrial conference, Karvel’s public defense team filed a motion on his behalf to have Karvel transported to the Scott County Jail in Davenport to undergo a psychological evaluation “to investigate possible defenses which might be available to the Defendant in this matter,” according to court documents.

That motion was granted by the court and Karvel will be transported by the Allamakee County Sheriff’s Department to and from the Scott County Jail for a single-day evaluation December 9 by a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist from Illinois. Transporting Karvel to the Scott County Jail will “reduce the travel time and cost for the doctor (psychologist) and make it possible to complete the evaluation in a single day,” according to court documents.