Letter to the Editor by Osmund “Ozzie” Quandahl

To the Editor:

Today we are in a crisis of character, a crisis of integrity. We need men and women who have perseverance and stick-to-it gumption, not like people like Pence, Romney, McConnell, Ryan, Cheney and other “Rinos”. We need a better school system that turns out better citizens, not flag burning and historical statue destroyers but good, honest citizens that are ready to serve our country if needed. In other words, we need patriots.

I would like to congratulate Iowa and Florida on great victories for the Republican Party. Have you noticed how the states that have Republican governors are doing so well and the states that have Democratic governors are deeply in debt and have severe criminal problems? Today, if I had a chance to choose between Gov. Reynolds or Desantis, I would pick Reynolds, big time. Under her leadership, Iowa is truly God’s Country.

Now, let’s look at problems that need attention and need to be fixed. Our schools are no longer a place of learning but a place to indoctrinate into a liberal mind set. When the Democrats removed all things Christian from our schools, the devil walked in - sad.

Roe vs. Wade was a very, very bad law that should have never happened. Our government paid for and built 105 Planned Parenthood buildings and gave a half billion dollars every year, all paid for by the tax payers and passed by our Congress. The abortion supporter was a big victory block for the Democrats. They are the ones that prevented the red swing, that should make them feel proud.

If we had a better Congress years ago, we would not have outspent our income; $30 trillion in debt is a terrible thing to put on our young people. Every bill that comes up is hundreds and hundreds of pages, lots of pork and a chance to fill their pockets and get rich. Every bill should stand on its own, no pork, then everyone would understand it. Listen up, Congress - keep it simple.

Our voting system needs to be upgraded with the very same system for all states. There are still lingering votes in some states. If we can send a man to the moon and bring him back, we should be able to develop an honest, quick voting system for all states.

This letter could go on and on. Many things need fixing, including schools, national debt, abortion, borders, inflation, English only, daylight savings time, term limits, balanced budget, Post Office, Planned Parenthood, energy, save our large cities.

There is only one person with a strong Republican Party that can accomplish the above. That is Donald Trump. He did more good for our country in four years and will go down as the greatest President of all time.

Our Pentagon is way too big and is filled with many phony big shots that are dishonest and crooked; it needs to be cleaned up - a swamp of undesirables, like Congress.

The FBI, CIA, IRS are cruel and evil people at the top. They scare the hell out of me. Now Biden wants 8700 more IRS people all carrying weapons to harass American workers, especially if you are Republican.

The last two years under Biden, our country has nosed dived to a status of a third world country. Many, many people will suffer, even freeze to death this winter, and some will have a hard time buying food and gas. I am afraid for America and its future.

Kindest Regards & God Bless,
Osmund Quandahl