Letter to the Editor by Osmund “Ozzie” Quandahl

To the Editor:

This should have been part of my last letter, but it got too long. RINO (Republican in Name Only) Mike Pence is not telling the truth, he knows Trump would never approve a riot. I think and believe it was a few bad Democrats that ignited the riot.

The January 6 trial is a fiasco, as was the Russian collusion. The Democrats spent two million dollars producing the fake document, and the disgusting FBI and CIA lied about it. Congress spent millions of our tax dollars on the January 6 Kangaroo Court. No wonder the approval of Congress is near 10%, and that’s sad.

Donald J. Trump is a proven, get-things-done person who did more good in four years, and he will do it again. RINOs Pence and Cheney will disappear, and good riddance. If Gov. DeSantis would help Trump, we would have a red swing.

We sure need better management in Washington. We are 30 trillion dollars in debt. That is very bad management on both sides. I really despise RINOs.

Kindest Regards & God Bless,
Osmond Quandahl