Sixth and final in a series of resilience workshops scheduled to be held December 19

Allamakee County residents are invited to attend the sixth and final event in the THRIVE series of interactive workshops being co-hosted by Mental Health Today - a Matt Howe Tribute (MHT) and the nonprofit, Worldmaker International. “Grow Through What You Go Through” is a one-hour workshop focused on learning how to help others grow through adversity by allowing for healthy grieving, grappling with the tough stuff and finding meaning along the way.

“Grow Through What You Go Through” is open to all Allamakee County residents and is being offered in a one-hour afternoon session Monday, December 19 from 12-1 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waukon. Light refreshments will be provided. The session was originally scheduled for December 5 but had to be rescheduled due to winter weather.

Workshop leaders note, “Is your concept of adversity purely negative? Yes, going through difficult things can be painful and disrupt our lives in major ways. Yet, our bodies and brains are actually very well equipped to not only get through difficult things but to also grow through them. And with the right support, we just might find that even though we would never choose certain experiences, our lives can somehow be enriched by them.”

The workshop is co-hosted by Allamakee County natives Rachelle Howe (MHT) and Dr. Mollie Marti (Worldmaker). Dr. Marti is CEO of Worldmaker International and the developer of the THRIVE Resilience Model that serves as the foundation for the program. This is the final workshop in a six-part series held in Allamakee County throughout 2022, delivering practical tools to help adults and youth cultivate trusted relationships, manage stress, build hope, cope with adversity, find meaning in hardship and grow personal resilience skills. Each session is provided at no cost to participants thanks to support of sponsors, community donations and volunteers.