Letter to the Editor by Osmund “Ozzie” Quandahl

To the Editor:

The Democrat Party has been taken over by the devil. They are anti-American and openly anti-Christian, our national debt is a disgrace, and it happened with Democrat programs and some RINOs (Republicans in name only).

They built 105 Planned Parenthood buildings and they want to defund our police and military. The states that have Democrats for governors are riddled with crime and in debt big time. Also, cities with Democrat mayors, ditto to the above.

They won’t support English only in our schools, they ban anything Christian in our schools - the Bible and 10 Commandments. Christian teachers could not wear a cross. Clergy could not be active in politics or they would lose their tax exemption status. These facts should make you sick, and to think the Republican Party helped them. I can not express how badly we need to clean the swamp in the Republican Party to make it great again.

Fact, Trump won big time in 2016. He won with votes of 1/4 good Democrats, 1/4 Independent, 1/2 good Republicans. He will go down as America’s very best President, with low gas, controlled borders, respect all over the world, and peace in our city streets. We need Trump back to correct all the Democrats’ mistakes and, literally, make America great and safe again. Not one Republican can get things done like Trump.

The good Republicans should start right now to support Trump, people like DeSantis and other high-powered, good Republicans. I hope we can put a big X on all the RINOs that are jealous of Trump. Let’s start today by putting up Trump signs like we have at our corner. I will give any family that wants one for their yard at no charge - just put the sign up. We need action now.

Kindest regards and God Bless,
Ozzie Quandahl

P.S. What do you think of the disastrous 4800 page bill they just passed with the help of nine Republicans? If we had more farmers and businessmen in Congress, we would have a better and sensible government.