Make appointments to get water meters replaced and avoid water shut-off

Property owners within the City of Waukon who have not yet scheduled a time for their water meter replacement are strongly encouraged to do so as soon as possible. The water meter replacement project is a community wide project to replace all current water meters and reading devices in the City of Waukon, and the new meter and replacement work are at no cost to property owners. Failure to have a water meter replaced through this coordinated project could result in being shut off from water services by the City of Waukon until replacement occurs.

HydroCorp is the technician the City of Waukon has hired for the water meter replacement project, and the process takes as little as 10 minutes in many cases. All notification letters about the project should have been received by now with instruction on how to schedule an appointment. Those who may not have received a letter, or who may have misplaced their letter, are urged to  schedule an appointment for their water meter replacement by contacting HydroCorp by telephone at 1-800-315-4305.