Letter to the Editor by Ann Klees

To the Editor:

Iowa conservative MAGA Republicans are showing us great examples of hypocrisy. They want to eliminate a woman’s right to choose, ban abortion, criminalize dispensing abortion pills, and force women to have babies. Then, once these children are in the world the HF-3 “SNAP” bill (Food Stamps) that these same conservative Republicans are pushing will limit who can access the needed food to help these children thrive. Approximately 300,000 Iowans receive this federally funded program; half of them are children, disabled, or elderly.

A total of 39 Republican legislators, including Anne Osmundsen, want to institute a means testing for recipients. That means if you have over $2,450 - or $4,250 if over age 60 - in household assets, you won’t qualify for SNAP. If you have two cars, you won’t qualify. Do you know anyone in Allamakee County who can get to work without a car?

The original bill prohibits purchasing fresh meat and cheese, canned fruits, vegetables and soup. This is so disgusting that an amendment may be introduced to change the list to just pop and candy. How do Republicans insist a child be born and then not feel an obligation to make sure they thrive?

Another example of Republican hypocrisy is to limit people in desperate straits access to food yet give $7,600 to any Iowan, no strings attached, to send their kid to private school. The school voucher bill is an entitlement program which benefits even the well-to-do parents who can afford to send their kids to private school.

Why do our Republican legislators believe punishing poor people for needing help and rewarding the well-off is ethical and laudable?

Ann Klees