Letter to the Editor: Time to stop repeating Democrat Party lies

To the Editor:

In the March 8 edition of The Standard, Tim Wagner went on a rampage against our congressional representative Ashely Hinson. There was very little that was honest and most of his letter was outright lies.

Ashley Hinson is 100% correct in claiming that we have open borders and open skies, which is pretty obvious from the fact that over five million illegals have entered the country since Biden took office. He is 100% responsible for that influx. I wonder if Mr. Wagner will still believe his own lies when Iowans start dying from Fentanyl? How many Americans must die from this scourge before he says enough? The drug, coming from China and Mexico, killed more people in one year than were killed in WWII. Did Mr. Wagner not see the CCP balloon?

Who is paying for free medical services for these illegals?  Wake up. And what about the policy of allowing illegals into the country who do not have Covid shots, and refusing entry to an international tennis star who has natural immunity?

Almost all economists who are working in the White House will tell you that we do have rampant inflation, and if Mr. Wagner is not aware of that he is either independently wealthy or turning a blind eye. We are being warned that inflation is not going away in spite of the Democrat Party lies that it is.

Mr. Wagner praises the unemployment rate. The truth lies in the worker participation rate statistics.  Only about 62% of Americans are working. That number in France is 75%.  Look at how many jobs are going unfilled, somewhere in the area of 11 million.

It is no wonder that Biden’s approval rating is low. At least 70% of the population believes the country is headed in the wrong direction. Stop the lies.

Lowell Engle
Harpers Ferry