Letter to the Editor: March is National Social Work Month

To the Editor:

March is National Social Work Month and offers us a chance to recognize not only the effort, compassion and dedication of those who choose the profession, but also the importance of the work itself.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers and Iowa Citizen Foster Care Board (FCRB) volunteers closely collaborate with social workers to ensure the children and youth in the child welfare system are safe and receive the care and services they need to thrive.

Social workers are on the front lines of complex life, family and societal issues. They help break down barriers that prevent people from living more full and purposeful lives. They do this on the individual level, helping people with crises like food insecurity, lack of affordable housing, or limited access to good health care, and they do it on a systems level to ensure everyone can access needed services.

While our experiences with social workers center around those who work in the child welfare system or agencies that provide family services, social workers are involved in all facets of life. They are found in hospitals, mental health care facilities, senior care facilities, and clinics. They also support military personnel and veterans, help students overcome problems in schools, and provide outreach for local, state and federal government programs.

We greatly value and appreciate the compassionate and committed individuals who every day do the social work that breaks barriers so children and families in Iowa can succeed.

Kerry Brennan
Program Coordinator