Allamakee County Veterans Museum still in search of photos for its Wall of Honor

Allamakee County Veterans Museum Wall of Honor ...

The Allamakee County Veterans Museum in Waukon is still in search of a number of photos to complete its Wall of Honor (pictured above) displayed inside the museum. Organizers of the Allamakee County Veterans Museum are seeking help from family members, friends and the general public in locating good quality photos of a number of Allamakee County Veterans who were Killed in Action (KIA) or held as Prisoners of War (POW) during World War I, World War II, the Korean War or the Vietnam War.

A full listing of the photos still needed for Allamakee County Veterans follows in this article. Anyone who has pictures of these men is encouraged to bring them to the museum or contact the museum by phone (563-568-2954) or by email message ( so that arrangements can be made to make a copy that photo for this project:

The museum has no photos of the KIAs or POWs listed below. Instead, a temporary listing has been displayed on the wall including their name, rank, unit and an emblem or picture associated with their service.

World War I KIA
Priv. Roy C. Beale [Canadian Army]
Priv. Forrest W. M. Bock
Priv. Carl H. Kroeger
Priv. Harry H. Sandry
Priv. Jesse Thompson

World War II KIA
William W. Botts, Jr.
Sgt. Earl B. Burnham
2nd Lt. Robert J. Carpenter
Ens. Robert E. Christ
PFC Donald S. Dreivold
Cpl. Howard E. Heim
PFC Rudolph H. Knapp
Sgt. Otto A. Krueger
S 2c Frances E. McDougal
Ens. John S. McCurdy
Priv. Joseph R. Mohn
A S Wendle A. Pederson
Priv. Robert P. Teff

World War II POW
PFC Richard R. Cassidy
PFC Jack A. Messler
Staff Sgt. Robert J. O’Malley

The museum has displayed temporary pictures for these KIAs and POWs because the pictures available lack sufficient clarity to be enlarged and mounted. Better quality pictures are needed. The size of the picture does not matter, as long as the clarity is good.

World War I KIA
Priv. Clement A. McGeough

World War II KIA
PFC Thomas A. Collins
Sgt. John F. Heim
Sgt. Earl S. Hermanson
Lt. Howard C. Humphrey
Gm 2nd Carleton E. Kenney
1st Lt. Dale J. Laughlin
Staff Sgt. Donald Olloff

World War II POW
PFC Duwayne E. Bulman
1st Lt. Marvin F. Chevalier
Priv. Merrild L. Fortune
Priv. Clement J. Keenan
Sgt. Donald R. Paeper

Korean War KIA
Cpl. Roy M. Vickery

Korean War POW
Cpl. Dale L. Reeder

Vietnam War KIA
Cpl. Dwain Brickman
Cpl. Arlyn L. Lampert
PFC Robert J. Sires