Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Ann Fields

To the Editor:

We love our state. We know how great Iowa can be when we put our money where our values are. Creating bike and hiking trails to enjoy our pristine lakes, rivers and landscapes. Repairing our roads for safety and moving the goods we produce. Paying for the public schools and educators our kids deserve, and so much more.

But Iowa’s priorities under Governor Reynolds are skewed as she continues to pick winners who are already winning and punishing the struggling households and families. From installing barriers to those on SNAP, reducing earned unemployment security, and refusing to lift the minimum wage while passing bills that give the richest among us and wealthy corporations more and more handouts and less and less taxes.

Reynolds picked MAGA Republicans and corporate greed over everyday Iowans. She’s taking away our freedom to access abortion, our freedom to learn, and the freedom to afford groceries and a roof over our heads.

Iowans deserve better. We know working families drive the economy and that’s where the focus should be. Iowans agree: it’s time to focus on workers to make our state a more attractive place to live, work and raise a family.

Ann Fields
Former president of
William Penn University