Disaster proclamation issued for Allamakee County in response to flooding along Mississippi River

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a disaster proclamation this past week for Allamakee County in response to flooding that began April 24 along the Mississippi River. The governor’s proclamation activated the Iowa Individual Assistance Grant Program (IIAGP) and the Iowa Disaster Case Management (IDCM) Program.

The Iowa Individual Assistance Grant Program (IIAGP) may provide up to $5,000 of assistance, reimbursement and/or vendor voucher, for covered items to households with income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Households may be eligible for home or car repairs, replacement of clothing or food, and repair or replacement of personal items damaged by the flood event.

Applications can be made through the local Northeast Iowa Community Action office and must be received within 45 days from the date of the proclamation. The final day to apply for the assistance is June 12 of this year.

The Iowa Disaster Case Management (IDCM) program is to address serious needs to overcome disaster-related hardship, injury, or adverse conditions. Disaster case managers work with customers to create a disaster recovery plan and provide guidance and referrals. There is no income eligibility requirement for Disaster Case Management and there is no direct financial assistance provided by Disaster Case Management. Disaster Case Management closes 180 days from the date of the disaster proclamation.

Individuals suffering loss of personal property or structural damage to their personal residence may contact Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation online at www.neicac.org. Applications can be downloaded on the Disaster Assistance page under Programs. Select “Chat with an Expert” at that website for more information or contact the Family Services office in Waukon, at 563-568-4224, or in Postville, at 563-380-2780.

Additionally, residents of Allamakee County who have been impacted by the recent flooding are asked to report damage to help local and state officials better understand the damage sustained. Damage to property, roads, utilities and other flood-related information may be reported to the Allamakee County Emergency Management Office by phone at 563-568-4233 or by email at allamakeecountyema@allamakeecounty.iowa.gov.

Seeking information on damage to homes from recent flooding
Allamakee County Emergency Management is seeking information from owners who had residences that were impacted by the flooding on the Mississippi River. Those who had a house that was damaged by recent flooding are asked to contact the Allamakee County Emergency Management Agency at 563-568-4233 or by email at allamakeecountyema@allamakeecounty.iowa.gov to report the damages. While any aid for homeowners is currently limited to only certain conditions, an overall assessment of the damage caused by the flooding is being sought to determine the impact of the flooding on the state and any future recovery support. For more information, contact Allamakee County Emergency Management through either of the avenues listed above.